Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a solution where a company outsources all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider.

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Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions enable organizations to optimize their talent strategy and hire the best talent faster.

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What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Recruitment process outsourcing is the full or partial transfer of an employer's internal recruitment processes to a third-party expert. RPO providers bring in-depth industry knowledge and expertise, innovative technology, and streamlined processes to deliver the best talent faster.

Simply put, we offer support throughout the entire recruitment process, from sourcing and hiring the best talent to onboarding and training hiring managers. These programs cater to various roles, ensuring compliance, scalability, cost efficiency, quality, and addressing other recruitment obstacles.

Benefits of RPO

RPO services enhance your recruitment capabilities exactly when and where they're most needed. The impacts of RPO are quantifiable and align with a company's strategic objectives, offering several key advantages.

Cost Reduction

Compared to other recruitment models or staffing agencies, we provide significant cost savings as you pay per service and not per requisition or hire. Improved ROI results from streamlined recruitment processes, faster time to fill, and increasing retention rates.

Increased Efficiency

Leveraging our extensive industry experience and knowledge, the latest recruitment technology, a deep talent pool, and innovative sourcing strategies can achieve faster time to fill. These advantages give your team more time to focus on other critical business functions.


You have the ability to scale up or down during high and low-volume periods. We are a flexible and trusted partner for all your recruitment needs, including seasonal surges and projects.

Quality Talent

Drawing on our extensive experience in sourcing diverse, skilled candidates, we can help you attract and find the best talent fit for your organization. We can also assist with workforce planning to ensure you have a full talent pipeline.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

We live your business by assuming your employer branding and embedding ourselves in your company culture. As your in-house recruiter, we integrate this into our entire sourcing, recruiting, and interviewing processes, allowing us to deliver a seamless, positive candidate experience.

Elevated Employer Branding

Candidates today put a lot of value in working for a brand they can support. We will strengthen and amplify your employer brand by focusing on the candidate experience.

Recruitment Marketing

We offer recruitment marketing services to bolster your employer brand and support recruitment efforts. Effective recruitment marketing not only drives qualified, interested candidates but also self-selects individuals who are not a good fit.


We stay on top of constantly evolving employment laws and regulations to ensure a legally compliant hiring process.

Latest Recruitment Technology

We use innovative technology to streamline and automate the recruitment process, making it more efficient and cost-effective for you.

Which RPO Solution Is Right For Your Business?

Whether you need rapid workforce expansion within a targeted timeframe or an end-to-end talent infrastructure, we solve your toughest recruitment challenges with a flexible range of solutions. Based on the unique needs of your business, we can craft a custom RPO journey and experience.

Full Cycle RPO

Our full cycle RPO solution provides strategic, end-to-end support for workforce strategy and talent delivery. We are responsible for the entire recruitment life cycle including sourcing, engaging, assessing, vetting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. We will live and breathe your mission, values and culture to deliver excellent service and the best talent for your organization. This long-term engagement works best for companies that are comfortable with outsourcing their entire talent acquisition department.

Partial Cycle RPO

Our partial cycle RPO solution provides the best of both worlds by supporting your existing talent strategy. Select which recruitment functions you would like to outsource while keeping the ones you want to internally manage. Let us alleviate time-consuming tasks or enhance key steps in your recruitment life cycle. We will work as an extension of your team to deliver the resources you need to ramp up your hiring efforts quickly. Our goal is to provide high-touch support when and where you need it, while decreasing your costs and improving the candidate experience.

Project RPO

A partial or full cycle approach to help you scale quickly for rapid workforce expansion within a short targeted timeframe. Our project RPO solution is perfect for seasonal surges, planned expansions, or product launches. If your team is overburdened or under-resourced, let our versatile experts remove the pressure and help you shine.

RPO Implementation

We keep it simple and seamless. With our hourly pricing model and no fixed contract, you decide when you need us and for how long. On average, our partnerships last four to six weeks and are tailored on the agreed upon objectives and scope. Before implementation, we will schedule an onboarding call where you'll meet your dedicated recruitment team and review the details of your hiring needs.

Partner Onboarding Call

Review & Discovery

Weekly Status Calls

Partner Onboarding Call

Our collaborative relationship kicks off on this call where we'll get to know each other, set expectations, discuss the implementation process timeline, and schedule future weekly status calls.

Review & Discovery

After reviewing your hiring challenges, your dedicated recruitment team will outline our workflow and implementation timeline to set your expectations. To help them work as an extension of your team, they will ask a series of in-depth questions related to your company core values, culture, employee value proposition and business goals. This is also a great time to get to know us. If you selected the comprehensive consultation to identify your ideal candidate profile, we will travel to you and spend one week onsite with your team.

Weekly Status Calls

Your account manager will lead these meetings to keep you apprised of our operational and recruitment marketing progress. Any changes, challenges or action items will also be discussed.

What Makes Us Different?


No Commission or Required Fixed Contract

We charge an Hourly Rate and bill only for the hours worked! You’re in the driver’s seat, and you can choose to pause or end your services at any time!

Extension Of Your Team

Acting as your in-house recruiter, we integrate this into our entire sourcing, recruiting, and interviewing processes allowing us to deliver a seamless, positive experience.

Faster Time to Fill

We identify barriers, advise on your recruitment marketing and tweak ongoing processes to ensure that positions are filled more quickly with qualified candidates that fit your culture.


Q How does RPO enhance hire quality?


RPO services facilitate a more efficient and robust candidate experience, attracting the right candidates effectively, accelerating the recruitment process, and strengthening your company's reputation as an employer. RPO providers tap into broader networks and employ sophisticated screening, assessment, and selection techniques to ensure superior candidate choices.

Q How does RPO reduce hiring costs and time?


RPO enhances recruitment efficiency by applying precision and expertise to metrics and strategies, reducing hiring costs by up to 20% and decreasing the time it takes to fill positions by as much as 55%. It also reduces hidden costs associated with vacancies.

Q How does RPO offer increased flexibility and scalability?


RPO providers offer the ability to adjust recruitment services to meet fluctuating hiring demands, often rendering RPO a more cost-effective solution than maintaining an internal recruitment team.

Q How does RPO improve hiring manager and recruiter relations?


RPO leverages the latest recruitment technologies and tools suited to your business needs, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of both internal and external recruitment processes. This not only improves the candidate experience but also contributes to the smoother operation of your business.

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