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Hunter Recruitment Advisors specializes in plumbing recruitment for clients in the United States and Canada.

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No Commission or Required Fixed Contract

We charge an Hourly Rate and bill only for the hours worked! You’re in the driver’s seat, and you can choose to pause or end your services at any time!
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Ongoing Partnership

As consultants, we want to get you on track and provide a recruitment plan that you can run on your own after our work is done. We are here for you as little or as much as you need us!

Faster Time to Fill

We identify barriers, advise on your recruitment marketing and tweak ongoing processes to ensure that positions are filled more quickly with qualified candidates that fit your culture.
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We Help Plumbing Companies Recruit Their Plumbers

Between an aging workforce, fewer apprentices entering the plumbing field, and intense competition for talent, staffing your team with top plumbers, journeymen, or master plumbers can be frustrating and time consuming.
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Benefits of a Tailored Plumbing Recruitment Plan

What sets us apart from other recruitment services is our strategic solutions. Not only can we manage the candidate experience from interviews to onboarding, but we can also provide market intelligence, competitive salary insights, and resources to forecast your future talent needs strategically.

Having partnered with over 150 companies, we find mutual success when we specifically design a strategic recruitment plan to meet the needs of your company culture so that you can take over your own recruitment once our work is done. That's right! Our goal is to not only grow your company, but we also want to teach you how to do it effectively and efficiently for yourself.

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Fill Open Plumbing Roles Fast with a Personal Touch

You can't afford a drawn-out hiring process. Vacant plumbing positions cost you money and prevent you from taking on new customers. You need qualified, skilled plumbers ASAP. Our strategic planning and organized approach compress the time from initial outreach to hiring.

We provide a temporary, trained, and highly experienced recruitment team that will work as a member of your own team without any responsibility of direct employment. As a result, the recruitment process becomes more personable, seamless, and consistent.

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Scale Your Recruiting Needs Up or Down

Our recruitment services flex to match your hiring needs, so you always have ideal capacity without waste or disruption. With Hunter Recruitment Advisors, you avoid expensive fixed recruitment costs, and the burden of fluctuating hiring volume is lifted from your shoulders. You pay only for the specific recruiting services required at any time. There are no commissions or fixed contracts.
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We Deliver a Standout Experience Candidates Love

We've learned from years of plumbing recruitment: the best candidates have options. To win them over, you need them to embrace your company culture and your Employee Value Proposition and provide an outstanding recruitment experience that keeps them engaged. To attract top candidates, it's crucial to provide an exceptional recruitment experience that showcases your company's culture and values. Our team follows best practices, communicates effectively, and offers insight into your organization to ensure candidates feel valued and engaged. This approach boosts your employer brand and improves the chances of securing top talent for long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How can Hunter Recruitment Advisors help with plumbing recruitment?


We specialize in plumbing recruitment for clients nationwide. We can help you find skilled plumbers, master plumbers, journeyman plumbers, apprentices, general managers or CSRs for your plumbing company.

Q What sets Hunter Recruitment Advisors apart from other recruitment services?


We offer tailored plumbing recruitment plans that are strategic and personalized to meet the needs of your company culture. We provide market intelligence, competitive salary insights, and resources to help you forecast your future talent needs.

Q How does the recruitment process work with Hunter Recruitment Advisors?


We charge an hourly rate and only bill for the hours worked. There are no commissions or fixed contracts, so you are in control of the recruitment process. We provide ongoing partnership and support, and our goal is to help you become the plumbing employer of choice.

Q How quickly can Hunter Recruitment Advisors fill open plumbing roles?


We work efficiently to fill open plumbing roles quickly. Our strategic planning and organized approach compress the time from initial outreach to hiring. We provide a temporary, trained, and highly experienced recruitment team to work as a member of your own team.

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