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The way you present yourself in an interview can sometimes make or break your chances for a job.

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Interview Etiquette

Presented by:

Aaron Wynn with Hunter Recruitment Advisors
Duffie Dixon with Duffie Dixon Media
LaShena "Recruitalina" Matthews, with Love What You Do LLC


It’s important to not show up under or overdressed for an interview. Avoid wearing accessories that are too flashy or gaudy. By doing this, you’ll avoid any potential distractions from both you and your interviewer’s attention spans

Body Language

Good posture and eye contact convey enthusiasm and confidence, while avoiding crossing your arms and fidgeting during the interview. Answer questions directly and avoid being evasive to show strong communication and critical thinking skills.


Research the company and specific job before the interview to anticipate questions and provide specific answers. Prepare questions to ask the interviewer and bring extra copies of your resume to show you are well-prepared. For video interviews, watch tutorials on setting up your background and sound for a professional appearance.

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