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Should You Consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for Your Business?

Recruiting employees is one of the biggest challenges that modern companies face. Struggling to fill talent gaps is not new, but the worker shortage is spiraling into a national crisis with 2.1M workers missing from the labor force compared to February 2020.

Employees are the foundation of any business; without them, your business can't compete, grow, and thrive. Finding the right talent can be costly, time consuming and tedious. Have you ever considered recruitment outsourcing to a third party? This approach is an effective way of finding and securing the right talent for your business.

Let's break down the benefits that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers offer so you can determine if you should work with one.

What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

RPO is the practice of outsourcing the recruitment process to a third-party company. RPO providers are experts in talent acquisition, and they can take all or part of the process depending on your needs.

In the past, recruitment process outsourcing companies were typically only used by larger enterprises. These days, however, they offer multifaceted recruitment strategies to help businesses of all sizes.

RPO providers are commonly confused with staffing companies, but they're different. Unlike RPO providers, staffing companies only focus on recruitment. They're ideal for finding workers to fill positions quickly or on a temporary basis. However, if you're seeking a strategic solution to fill in gaps of your overall talent acquisition process, then an RPO provider is a better option for growing your business.

Benefits Of Working With Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies

When you partner with an RPO provider, they not only help you fill vacant positions, but they also offer additional benefits for your company because their process is focused on tailored recruitment strategies.

Cost Effective Solutions and Efficiency

When hiring a new employee, there are many factors to consider including costs associated with recruitment marketing, onboarding, benefits, and training. The costs can add up quickly especially if you can't find the right person immediately. Currently, the average job takes up to 42 days to fill, and the average cost to recruit a new employee is $4,700.

If you decide to handle everything internally, you can expect some significant expenses. The timeline and hiring cost per employee can directly impact revenue. This can be more of an issue for smaller companies that don't have the resources to maintain a dedicated recruitment team.

If you outsource to an RPO provider, it gives you a more cost-effective opportunity to gain the advantages of a seasoned recruitment team that's aligned with your business objectives and unique talent needs. On top of reducing costs, this provides your team with more time to focus on other critical business functions.

Employer Branding

Research shows that 50% of job seekers refuse to work for a company with a bad reputation - even with a pay increase. Companies with bad reputations pay 10% more per hire. Candidates these days put a lot of value in working for a brand that they can support. This can be challenging for small businesses that don't have the necessary budget or time to properly market their employer brand.

Recruitment process outsourcing companies source candidates and carry out marketing tasks using your employer brand. Their experience allows them to market your brand effectively to potential candidates during the recruitment process.

Recruitment Marketing

Some RPO providers offer recruitment marketing services to bolster your employer brand and augment recruiting. Just like customers who need to be enticed to buy a product, talent needs to find value in an employer to apply for a position. Show them why you're A Best Place to Work!

Recruitment marketing handles the stages of awareness, consideration, and interest to drive candidates to your company. This is not about marketing an open role, but instead marketing the company brand. Effective recruitment marketing not only drives qualified interested candidates, but it also self-selects out individuals who are not a good fit.


The talent needs of a small or medium-sized business may fluctuate with the seasons. One month there could be a need for multiple hires, and the next you might not need anyone new. With an RPO provider, you have the ability to scale up or down so that your recruitment needs are met without having to pay any extra costs associated with an in-house recruiter.

Quality Talent

Drawing on their extensive experience in sourcing diverse skilled candidates, RPO providers can help companies to attract the best and most qualified talent. Many can also assist with workforce planning to ensure you have a full talent pipeline. Another benefit that some RPO providers have are large talent communities. Access to a greater candidate pool allows for better quality hires and enhanced speed through the hiring life cycle.

Recruitment Technology

Most recruitment process outsourcing companies will use the latest innovative technology to streamline and automate the recruitment process. This can include candidate sourcing platforms, applicant tracking systems, and onboarding software.

These tools can be expensive and are typically out of reach for small recruitment teams. By working with an RPO provider, you'll be able to leverage this technology and their resources to make the hiring process more efficient and cost-effective for you.

Candidate Experience

Many recruitment process outsourcing companies usually work as an extension of your team. Some will even assume your branding and become embedded in your company culture. Acting as your in-house recruiter, they integrate this across all recruitment processes allowing them to deliver a seamless, positive candidate experience.


Staying on top of constantly evolving employment laws and regulations can be time-consuming, and an internal recruitment team might not be able to do this effectively.

Recruitment process outsourcing companies are up to date on regulatory changes which means your hiring process remains compliant. This will mitigate the risk of your company running into any legal issues.


One of the key things that sets RPO providers apart from other types of recruitment services is the strategic solutions they use. They can provide you with market intelligence and analytics tools along with the expertise needed to access this data. An RPO provider can use this to forecast your future talent needs which can help give you an edge over the competition.

Working With an RPO Provider

An RPO provider can bring expertise and experience with a variety of tools or work with your existing resources to maximize your investments or help expand your recruiting tool set. Throughout the process, they'll bolster your employer brand and use the latest technology to keep things compliant and cost-efficient.

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